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Task list filters

Task list filter has two selections: 'Progress filter' and 'User filter'. Default value of 'Progress filter' is your pending tasks and default for 'User filter' is your name


1) Possible options for 'Progress filter' arethe following

  • All tasks - shows all tasks
  • Pending tasks - shows tasks, currently assigned for you: tasks where you have an encoder or overseer role and unassigned tasks for your team
  • Future tasks - only for overseers - shows tasks not yet encoded by your encoders
  • Completed tasks - shows all completed tasks
  • Coordinator tasks - shows all tasks where you have coordinator role
  • Tasks for paper - special filter - allows you to search for all papers in database, disregarding your role in paper's encodings

User filter is relevant only for overseers - it allows to filter your tasks by assigned encoders:


'Tasks for paper' selection allows you to search for all papers in database, including the papers without your encodings.

Search fields are Author, Year, Occurrence and Paper (Journal name). Use '%' as truncation symbol


Links on your tasklist

There are 4 different link types on your tasklist:



1) First link is the main one. Use it to start your encoding. By clicking on author name and year you get to the set of forms to encode data


2) Journal name link opens the 'Inspire' for this paper


3) Links on 'msg' column of tasklist open the form with list of all messages, associated with task


4) 'i' links opens the summary of all data, encoded for the current reference. These links are available only for encoded tasks.


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